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A company’s marketing and branding strategy is their entrance and access to the market place. An effective strategy will make the difference between business success and failure. Ohain business consultyants will assist your company in developing a customized marketing plan and branding plan to fit your needs.

Marketing Plans help your company by getting you to stop and really take a look at who your audience is and how you want to sell to them.

They also provide time to think about “Branding” - what sort of identity do you want for your product/company/service?

Harley Davidson® has a “brand”
H&R Block® has a “brand”
Dupont® has a “brand”

A brand says something in itself, before it describes the product.  Do you want to establish your own brand?  Even if it is only in Southeast Texas?

A local example is the Stark Foundation.  They have created a “brand”.  In this case the brand is not their logo, it’s their name.  Their major assets - the Stark Museum, the Lutcher Theater, and Shangri-La all carry the Stark Foundation brand.  Does it mean something to you?  It might mean quality, it might mean local, it might mean generous, it might mean...

Banks have branding, markets have branding, should you have image that is created in your customer’s eye when he/she sees your name/brand?


Harley Davidson
H&R Block
Stark Foundation


If you want to brand your product/company/ service - OhainWEB can help you.

Our goal is for our clients to be successful.

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